Lauren Goodson


Lauren has worked within the marketing and creative industry for over 5 years. With experience in web design, public relations and project management, Lauren has the know-how to steer client projects in the right direction.

Whilst everyone else was off to university, Lauren started work, with her first job in the creative industry being a Freelance Photographer and Web Designer. Lauren is a big believer in chance meetings, and her first role proved just that…

“I was just finishing up my exams at college when one evening whilst out on a landscape shoot I met a friend of a friend. His car was just about to get washed up by the tide at Pin Mill, so when a mate and I went to let him know, he spotted the camera in my hands. I’ll avoid boring you with the details, but after a cuppa in a barge, I was taught the ropes of WordPress and pushed onto my own two feet to do photoshoots for local boatyards.”

When Lauren’s not working, she’s out on two wheels.

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