I work at a creative agency, but I hate social media

Pretty weird thing to say right? Considering I work for a creative agency.

Social media has embedded the phrase ‘style over substance’ into our everyday thought processes. From staging interior design shots that feature plants in the shower, to letting your food go cold because you’re too busy taking photos of it. I’ve noticed that people care way more about how people see them, from how they’re dressed, to how they act, rather than if it’s actually functional… We all do these things, which is fine, but why?

To look good. To give off an enhanced version of ourselves that make us look and feel more interesting.

It’s like buying a pair of women’s jeans, except, the pockets have been sewn shut onto the front so that you can’t use them – what the hell is with that? For someone who doesn’t use purses or handbags, I have way too much shit for my coat pockets alone.

So why not just get rid of it?

Whilst social media in my eyes is an endless absorption of time and energy, we need it.

In a personal sense, I’m naturally an awkward person – try to have a conversation with me and my mind will instantly play white noise and be devoid of all thoughts, scrambling for what to say next…

Social media enables me to connect with people that I wouldn’t have the courage to in real life. I can laugh at a child tripping over, or like someone’s new house layout, without the pressure to follow up with a full-blown conversation or the care that they think I’m an absolute weirdo.

As well as laughing at memes, social media has far more purpose than entertainment alone. It’s a resource that allows me to connect and learn with people both in my industry and with the same hobbies as me – it’s inspiring. It’s like a visual Yellow Pages. Instead of having to look something up, I’m constantly observing information from other people in the same circles, both professionally and personally.

If you use social media in a way that suits you, it’s fine. But don’t use this as a way to live for other people. It’s your life. It’s about style and substance. About finding your community of what you relate to and if you’re one of the weirdos, you’ll fit in on Reddit.

Social media is inescapable. With connection at our very fingertips, why would we not use it?

This is exactly why businesses should be utilising it

Social media has granted businesses an avenue for connecting directly to their target audience – and for free! With this in mind, businesses can push their services, products and message further than traditional marketing used to.

So why aren’t more businesses using it – it’s god damn free.

It’s literally made for networking, connecting and building communities. Use this to build your own audience of those wanting to hear from you and humanise your brand. Ask yourself, if you’re going to a networking event, why are you there? To put yourself and your business in front of industry professionals, build relationships and ask questions.

You can do all this on social media. Obviously, networking events give you an in-person experience, but there is almost nothing that you cannot do. You can still have conversations and connect with people, but you can reach millions of people in the same space, as opposed to the same room.

With all this in mind, this is exactly why I share a love-hate relationship with social media and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

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Lauren Goodson
Lauren Goodson
Lauren has worked within the marketing and creative industry for over 6 years. With experience in web design, public relations and project management, Lauren has the know-how to steer client projects in the right direction. Whilst everyone else was off to university, Lauren started work, with her first job in the creative industry being a Freelance Photographer and Web Designer. Lauren is a big believer in chance meetings, and her first role proved just that… “I was just finishing up my exams at college, when one evening whilst out on a landscape shoot I met a friend of a friend. His car was just about to get washed up by the tide at Pin Mill, so when me and a mate went to let him know, he spotted the camera in my hands. I’ll avoid boring you with the details, but after a cuppa in a barge, I was taught the ropes of WordPress and pushed onto my own two feet to do photoshoots for local boat yards.” When Lauren’s not working, she’s out on two wheels.

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