Tom Gregory

We were approached by Blackpool artist, Tom Gregory to create a ‘real feel’, gritty and imperfect website that showcased him as an artist, but also housed his music, tour dates and eventually, Merch!

Born (10th November 1995) and raised in the north of England with his two siblings, Tom’s home town of Blackpool has a certain faded seaside glamour. But his musical home is in Germany. Not unlike that band who came to Hamburg exactly 60 years ago to launch their global careers.

In this regard, Tom is following in the footsteps of the musical legends we know as The Beatles. He’s setting his sights high.

I was always afraid of doing a job I hate. I was never worried about failing.

Tom is real. What you see, is what you get. What counts is the music. A feeling that sadly goes missing far too often these days. Failure doesn’t even occur to him, he’s pursuing his vision – Honestly, authentically, without the frippery of glamour.

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